Sewing Liberty

There came a point over the summer, as there always does when working with a student budget, where I had no fabric left and no money to buy more fabric. I  was stuck and didn’t know what to do so I raided the family fabric stash. We’ve always kept fabric as it regularly comes in useful, for tablecloths to fancy dress costumes, but I wasn’t expecting much success. A year or so ago, my grandparents moved house and my Gran had given me a whole collection of ‘dress lengths’ of fabric she had bought throughout her life and never made into anything. Amongst the stash was a Liberty fabric (the exact date of which she couldn’t remember) in purples and blues. At first I didn’t love it, couldn’t ever imagine what it could be made into and gave up on it. It was relegated to the family stash and forgotten about. However when rummaging for free fabric to make clothes from, I came across the fabric and thought I would have a go at making something from it anyway, as it wasn’t costing me anything.


I bought out my trusty Archer shirt pattern and cut into the fabric. (Even after making a full shirt with long sleeves, theres still just as much fabric again!) I french seamed the whole shirt as I didn’t have an overlocker at that point and had got used to french seaming sleeve heads so I wasn’t worried. Although I overlock everything now, this is definitely the best shirt I’ve made and the french seaming was completely worth it, and frankly, Liberty fabric deserves the extra effort of french seams! The seams also didn’t add too much bulk which is sometimes a problem, because the fabric is a really light tana lawn. I wasn’t sure really until the end about how the shirt was going to look, however once I saw the print in context, I absolutely loved it! Sometimes it really is hard imagining how a print is going to transfer into a garment and I am over the moon about this one; it really is my go-to shirt and I love it!

The actual shirt took me less than a day to finish and I used mother of pearl buttons from my collection, gifted to me by my other Grandmother from her collection so, all in all, the shirt cost me absolutely nothing! Fantastic!

Garment Details:

Pattern: Grainline Studio Archer Shirt

Materials: 1.5m Liberty London fabric. 9 mother of pearl buttons. Stash thread.

Sizing/Alterations: Added 2″ to length of the original pattern.

Cost: £0. Gifted fabric and buttons. Stash thread.


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