Kiss Me Quick – Scout Peplum Hack

I have made no secret of my love of the Grainline Studio Scout Tee (see here and here!) and I want to show you how it can be the perfect base for adaptions and pattern hacks. I have a top I bought a few years ago from H&M which is my ultimate ‘go-to’ top; however, it was getting a bit embarrassing looking at photos from nights out and seeing that I was often wearing the same top! It is loose fitting around the waist (yay for going out for a huge dinner!), has little sleeves, a relatively high scoop neck (if thats even a thing?) and a button and loop at the back of the neck with a back seam. The top also has a peplum- my favourite! I have been struggling to replicate this top for months as I keep finding peplum patterns but they never have the right waist/peplum for me so I hadn’t managed it- until now!

photo 2-2

I have a few birthday dinners coming up, so thought I should try again to see whether I could make a new top. I had seen images of people attempting a Scout peplum hack online, yet there wasn’t a tutorial anywhere and I didn’t want to make a traditional circle-skirt style peplum as the waist of the scout would be difficult to fit it to. Instead I cut the scout normally except for finishing at the waist. I then measured the length of the peplum on the original top (about 9″+ s/a) and cut two rectangles of fabric for the peplum this deep. To determine length I measured the width of the shirt front and cut the rectangle about 150% of this, except I probably added about 4″ extra as I was being very generous. This was probably a bit much but I really like the flounce it gives and the weight of the fabric keeps it hanging nicely.

I also changed the order of the scout assembly. I cut the back as two pieces with added seam allowance. Then I neatened the top 4″ for the opening by folding over twice, and stitched the rest of the seam shut.  I stitched the shoulders, inserted the neck binding and added loop and button, set in the sleeves flat then stitched the side seams. Then I assembled the peplum-tube and matched side seams with the scout. I gathered the peplum and stitched in place. My original top has a slightly dipped hem at the back however I didn’t use this for the new top.

Fit-wise it is great! The neckline is pretty close to the original and the peplum is not too much. The only problem I had was that I cut the waist of the shirt about 1″ too low, so it is more of a drop-waist however that is great for me! The top probably could have done with some bust darts, to add a little shaping, and to be honest you could probably fit a 6 month baby bump under all the excess fabric, however I love the shape and it swings and drapes beautifully!

I had bought this fabric months ago, with initial plans of making it into a sleeveless Archer Shirt for my holiday, however despite the listing on eBay saying viscose, it was clearly a polyester crepe when it arrived (typical eBay!) so I was a little scared of working with it. (This is my only problem with eBay however, and the company in particular are absolutely fantastic with their range of fabrics and prices but I do suggest asking for samples if you want to order more expensive fabrics or for a particular project when it comes to all eBay sellers!) Since then it has been stashed in my fabric bag without any plans. However it was absolutely beautiful to work with, I would even go as far to say that it was one of my favourite ever fabrics to work with; And it was only £1.99 a metre which was all I needed for this top! AMAZING!

I will definitely be making another peplum top very soon as it is so fun, and my fear of poly crepe has disappeared!


Garment Details:

Pattern: Grainline Studio Scout Tee 

Materials: 1m lips fabric from Regency Rags on eBay

Sizing/Alterations: Cut size 0 scout. Made armholes slightly bigger.

Cost: 1m Fabric – £1.99. Stash pattern, thread and button for back.


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