Going Dotty

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This was the first ever item of clothing I had made for anyone else and I loved it! I was so excited to work with a different pattern and shape to those I usually make for myself and had my wonderful Mum as my client so we could easily  make something she really liked. She had ordered this beautiful spotty (and striped?) viscose from eBay and had decided that she liked the shape of the ‘Simple T-shirt’ from the Great British Sewing Bee – Sew Your Own Wardrobe book. The T-shirt is incredibly simple, as it is made from just two pieces, with the sleeves formed as part of the front and back sections rather than set-in separately. It gives an almost batwing-esque look which we both loved. The neck, armholes and hem were all sewn with matching bias-tape, however on viscose this can be incredibly tricky.

We also had some issues with the fit. The finished garment is deliberately oversized, however it still is not long enough, despite adding an extra 1″ to the hem, and the neckline was so so large that I had to make straps to stop it falling off the shoulders. (I have since made another where I took the neckline in on the pattern by 2″ each side and it is now wearable without the need for extra straps.)

There really isn’t much to say with such a simple garment, except that we were both happy with the result and the top has had a lot of wear over the summer!

Garment Details:

Pattern: Simple T-shirt from Great British Sewing Bee – Sew Your Own Wardrobe. 

Materials: 2m spotty viscose from The Textile Centre

Sizing/Alterations: Cut a UK 18 (I think) and added 1″ to each side seam and 1″ to hem and arm length. Still could do with extra 2″ hem length.

Cost: Fabric – £2.49 pm x 2 = £4.98. Stash pattern and thread.


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