A nod to the 90s – Experimentation with Double Gauze

At the same time that I bought my galaxy fabric for my scout tee, I bought two different checked fabrics, one in reds and blues, the other in white and greens. They are double gauze fabrics which means they are two different thin fabrics joined together with little stitches across the fabric. One side of these fabrics was a large check, the other was gingham. I was really excited to see how the fabrics would work being double-sided and how I could play with this. I bought the red fabric for myself and the green fabric for my mum, as she wanted her first Archer shirt.

photo 1

I made my mum’s first as I was gearing up to head back to Uni after the summer break so had to make it while I still had her to fit it on! She decided that she wanted each side of the front to be a different pattern, and also alternate sleeves. She also wanted a gingham yoke and skirt (from view B) and a check back. The collar was also gingham and the cuffs corresponded to the pattern of the sleeves as when she rolled them up, the insides would be a different print anyway. This is the first time I have used view B on an Archer, as I am a fan of the more simple view A, however it was really fun to experiment.

photo 2


The fabric was great to use however it was easy to stretch out of shape and trying to catch both layers can sometimes be a bit tricky. However it looked amazing inside too as it almost looked lined due to the reverse of the fabric. Because it frayed a little, I overlocked the armhole/sleeve head and the sleeve and side seams but otherwise all the seams are enclosed. My mum and I both have broad shoulders, and she wanted the shirt deliberately oversized so I cut about 2 or 3 sizes bigger than her actual size. Otherwise, as I have said before, the pattern was fantastic and she was really pleased with the result! I am glad to say it has had a lot of wear and it definitely inspired me to make my own version!

photo 3


For my shirt, I stuck to my usual measurements, size 0, lengthened by 2″ and view A. However I had a gingham button band and collar, yoke and pocket. I felt the fabric was already so loud that it would be to much to have contrast sleeves so I stuck to the bold check for the main body of the shirt. Again I had a slight issue with fabric stretch and it was a bit slippery to sew with but otherwise it is great and, despite being quite thin, having the gap between the fabrics traps air and this makes the shirt really warm, prefect for the cold weather we have finally started having here!

photo 4


Garment Details:

Pattern: Grainline Studio Archer Shirt

Fabric: Green and Red double sided cotton(?) from thetextilecentre on eBay

Sizing/Alterations: Version 1:US16, no changes. Version 2: US0, lengthened by 2″.

Cost: Both versions: £3.49pm x 2m =6.98 each. 40p buttons each. Stash interfacing and thread. £7.38 each.


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