Winter Sewing Plans

Pretty long post today – I apologise! Over the last few weeks I have been swamped with Uni work so, although I have been buying fabric as much as normal (a little too much!), I have not been making at the speed I usually do. This has lead to a build-up of stash fabrics which is very unusual for me as I tend to buy fabrics with a particular project in mind and 90% of the time thats what I end up making. However with this stash building up I have decided to plan properly what I will use these fabrics for so that I can get going once I have some free time over Christmas.

Archer Shirts by Grainline Studio:



Obviously I will be making some more Archer shirts this winter! I saw this awesome green check fabric on for £3.85 a metre, and I bought 1.5 metres for £5.78. This fabric is not available anymore as it was a discontinued item however myfabrics has a huge range of lovely checks. It is cotton however is a medium weight so will be really warm this winter.

My biggest fabric indulgence to date is this Liberty London Wiltshire Tana Lawn that I have been in love with for YEARS. From Liberty themselves it costs £22pm however I bought this from a seller called Argylemike01 on eBay for £10pm. I bought 2 metres as it isn’t sold by the half-metre, however this is still more than half price! This fabric isn’t available from the seller anymore however he has a quick turn-around of various lovely liberty prints instead. This will be my shirt to wear on Christmas day, and I am so excited about making it!

Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studio:



I love my Linden sweatshirts that I made a few weeks ago and so I am keen to make another couple as they are just so comfy! Inspired by a jumper I saw online (pintrest I think) I wanted to make a grey sweatshirt with lace overlay on the front and back. The lace is from Joann fabrics, and the grey sweatshirt fabric is from richerfabric on Ebay for £5.45pm. I bought a yard and a half of the lace at $15 a yard however I won’t use very much so it will probably be about $6 worth (£3.80). I also have grey ribbing in my stash that cost about £4.30 for half a metre however it goes a long way. The Linden’s simple construction lends itself really well to experimentation and I look forward to seeing the result!

Pattern Testing the Lou Box Top by Sew DIY:



I am really excited to be pattern testing the Lou Box Top pattern by Beth of Sew DIY. The top has a lot of options and room for experimentation so I am planning on having fun with my fabric. The pattern is knit and woven friendly so I plan to make one of each, with both of my fabrics coming from eBay. (Neither of these fabrics have arrived yet so I am unsure whether I will use them however I have my fingers crossed!) The dark peacock fabric is from Regency Rags, for £1.99pm. The confetti knit fabric is from stany14, for £3.99pm. I am really excited about sewing up these tops and can’t wait for the fabric to arrive!

Flora Dress:



I bought 2 metres of this galaxy peach skin polyester a while ago for £3.49pm from TheTextileCentre but I had no idea what to make from it. My current plan is to make an awesome galaxy By Hand London Flora dress, although perhaps with a longer skirt. Now I need the perfect christmas party to wear it to!

Pattern Plans:



I recently bought the Pantalon Gilbert pattern by République du Chiffon after being inspired by JoliesBobines version! Definitely think I need some of these in my life, although translating the french pattern may be harder. I may have studied french for six years but I haven’t spoken a word in nearly five!

I’m also completely in love with Clothhabit’s Watson Bra and Bikini pattern! Think this is exactly the push I need to get into sewing my own underwear as I imagine fitting an underwired bra to my shape may be far harder than i’m prepared for! I love the look of the longline version and am already researching fabrics to use!

Fabric Stash:



Ever since sewing my crepe de chine Alder dress I have been completely obsessed by finding more crepe at an affordable price. I picked up this ‘little sweet pea’ crepe de chine at fabric land for about £3.50pm and got 1.5m, enough to make another Alder or a similar dress if I want. However I think it is perhaps more of a spring-style fabric so I might save this for after Christmas.

This star viscose fabric is from Regency Rags on eBay and cost about £2.49pm I think. I bought 3 metres to make a dress I have been drafting myself following my pattern cutting course. I am still fixing some fit issues so probably won’t be starting this for a while but I am looking forward to it!


I am so excited about all these future projects! Definitely something to look forward to whilst I finish my dissertation! What are you planning to sew this christmas?


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