Lace Linden

Ever since making my first Linden Sweatshirts a few weeks ago, I have been desperate to make more, however I have struggled to find some suitable fabric. I bought this lace from Joann’s over the summer and wasn’t sure what to use it for, however after seeing a lace raglan on pintrest (I am so annoyed I didn’t save the pin!) I thought it would be great to use my lace for a Linden.



Pattern matching – YAY!



I bought this grey fleece-backed sweatshirt fabric from eBay and my grey ribbing from Fabric Land. Unfortunately my fabric didn’t match the ribbing but this is something that was hard to tell on eBay. Also the fleece-backing on the fabric meant that it has practically no drape and it barely stretches, however this wasn’t too much of an issue as I cut a size 2 which fits me well with room so the lack of stretch isn’t noticeable. This did help however with using lace, as the lace is nylon and not stretchy so I was worried about attaching non-stretch to stretch fabric. Also, as a happy accident, the lace over the dark grey fabric gives the impression lightening the fabric to almost the colour of the ribbing, so in the end it didn’t seem as much of a clash as I had anticipated.

photo 1-8

The construction was really simple. I stuck to Jen’s instructions however had two exceptions. Before construction began I cut the lace front and back layers and tacked them to the base fabric within the seam allowances all around the edges. This made the top easier to assemble on my overlocker and although there were some parts where it still didn’t catch, it was mostly successful. I also omitted the ribbed cuffs as my ribbing was too much of a contrast for the sleeves which didn’t have any overlay. I wish I had decided this beforehand so I could compensate by making the sleeves longer, however instead I turned up the sleeve hem by 1/2″ and stitched with a twin needle. I didn’t use a twin needle around the neckline as I was worried the 6 layers (including seam allowances) would be too thick.

The extra layer and the fleece-backing has made this jumper really warm which is great with Christmas fast approaching and I already love it! I see more in my future!

*Oh and we FINALLY put up our Christmas tree today! Better late than never!*



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