Christmas Negroni


So I can finally share the very little secret sewing I did this Christmas now the big day is out of the way! My little brother (at 15 and almost 6ft he’s not so little any more!) is a pain to buy for and although I had got him something already, I didn’t feel like it was enough so I thought I would have a go at sewing up a Colette/Walden Patterns Negroni shirt, the pattern for which I got in the black friday sale for about £5. I had planned to use this pattern for some shirts for Uni but it was good to be able to sew one up as a practice but also as a gift.


Now my brother is SUPER picky about what he wears so I never anticipated he would ever wear it. I chose this medium grey polycotton from my local haberdashery for £11.97 for 3 metres, at £3.99pm. The buttons and interfacing were from my stash and I also bought a big reel of grey thread for multiple future projects.


Sewing the Negroni itself was a learning curve. I’ve made 15 shirts over the last year but the construction of this one completely confused me. The facing/yoke/collar is difficult to comprehend and, although it looks great finished, it seemed so complicated for something which I know to be easy from other patterns. Also the flat-felled seams were another reason I was keen to delay starting this project. I’ve only sewn them once (by accident) and the thought of a flat-felled armhole scared me, however it was so easy, more sturdy and they are possibly some of the neatest seams I’ve ever sewn! I am so pleased, especially as this plain fabric shows up every flaw in the stitching.

photo 2 copy

photo 1 copy

It only took a day and a half to sew this up and entertainingly I was sewing this in the kitchen with my little brother walking past every five minutes! His face when he opened his present and realised I’d been waving it in his face for two days was a picture! He is notoriously picky so I was fully expecting for it not to be worn but he loved it! I’m so excited and he wore it all of christmas day! Next step is to look for some fabric for my Dad who has put in his order! haha!


Garment details:

Pattern: Walden Negroni Shirt – £5

Materials: Grey polycotton – £3.99pm, 3m (only needed 2.5)

Adjustments: Cut size S. Perfect fit which was lucky!

Cost: One off pattern- £7, Fabric – £11.97, buttons – 40p.

Overall cost – £12.37.


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