Pattern Testing – Sew DIY Lou Box Top

Before Christmas, Beth of Sew DIY put out a call for pattern testers for her first pattern, the ‘Lou Box Top’ and I volunteered. Beth is working on the final edits of the pattern now and I am unsure when it will be released, however I thought I would show mine now so you could get an idea of what she has in store!

photo 2-9

To give you a basic sense of the pattern, Beth gave this description on her pattern tester call –

The pattern is a very basic top that I think will be great for beginners and experienced sewists alike. It’s very loose fitting, yet still flattering and very versatile. There are two different necklines and three hem shapes that can be mixed and matched for a total of 6 different designs. I’ve made about a gazillion of these tops and have been wearing them almost every day. Oh yeah, and there are instructions for knit and woven fabrics! So you can go super casual or super fancy just depending on what fabric you choose.

This was the first time I had ever pattern tested, however I loved the process and really had very few comments for Beth. The instructions were great and possibly some of the most comprehensive I have ever used. They also included different instructions for using both woven and knits so would be great for those new to sewing knits. The pattern also has the unique feature of having bodice pieces for the two neckline options, then interchangeable hem pieces, to cut down on printing. The top features a keyhole back with button and loop and I love that detail.

photo 3-7

I chose the scoop neck option for my version, with the curved hem variation. I made it in a very strange poly from regency rags on eBay. The print is lovely and the poly was really heavy and textured so was great to sew, however it creases worse than linen! This means it requires ironing ALL the time, however it only cost £1.99 for the metre I needed. I cut a size small, however with the easy-fit nature and the large amount of ease built in, I could easily make an extra small if I wanted a top that was closer-fitting.

This pattern is one of the simpler ones I’ve sewn so I had a lot of fun making it and it as incredibly quick to sew up. I can imagine it in a range of other woven with more drape! Overall I really enjoyed sewing this pattern and Beth’s instructions were fantastic.



photo 1-9

I thought it would be a bit of a waste to sew up a version in woven and not in knit too, when there were instructions provided, right?! I ordered this knit from eBay – I can’t remember where from (sorry!) – for about £4 for the metre I needed. However when it turned up it had stretch in both directions which allowed me to make a dress version when I turned the fabric the other way. I just added 25cm between the bodice and hem pieces when cutting.

Because of the extra stretch, this fabric has the most fantastic drape and is amazingly comfy! The only real differences in the pattern are the neck band, the lack of side-seam vents and no CB seam. From cutting to finished took me under an hour and, once the weather gets better, I hope to wear this dress a lot more!


Just to say, I was not in any way sponsored to do this post and I wanted to pattern test purely due to my crazy obsession with sewing! 


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