2017 so far…

2017 has been completely knitting-centred. In fact I don’t think there has been a single day that hasn’t involved knitting in some shape or form, whether it be actually working my needles, browsing patterns, squishing yarn, doing pattern maths, writing about knitting, proofing other people’s patterns, writing 10,000 word essays on the stigma against knitting or having a breakdown about how tall to make my giant knitted corinthian column and whether I’ll get the macrame done on time… (but thats a story for another day!)

It has been a very wooly year. And that doesn’t look set to change.

The first half of the year was taken up creating the aforementioned hand-knitted corinthian column (you can see more of that here), and as soon as that was finished I begun working/helping out part-time at PPQ in the run-up to Pomfest and the publication of Bristol Ivy’s ‘Knitting Outside the Box’. I also begun work as a designer for Made & Worn, which has been a steep learning curve but I am determined that my hat pattern will be the best fitting hat in the world!

Also following graduation I started ploughing through my Ravelry queue, having finished a Netherton Pullover, Deschain Sweater, Vatsland Sweater (x2), Siri Cardigan, Soiree Sweater, Harjo Shawl and multiple pattern samples since June! I think my hands need a break!

Upcoming projects include my first pattern (!!), two gift-sweaters for family and a Skógafjall for me.

It’s going to be a busy December!

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